Our facility is not only known to carry exotic marine and freshwater fish, corals and invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians, but quality live stock that actually lives. We always have quality fish and corals for two reasons: Experience and being direct importers from all over the world. We import direct from Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many other beautiful countries from around the world. We import direct to our store every week which guarantee we can offer best prices and quality from our own supply network.

The Bosses! - Tony & Ria the Dynamic Duo,  Tony has been in the fish industry since 1995 starting his maintenance company which began the passion for the fish, corals , invertebrates and all things aquatics. Later he went to West Coast to learn more about the import side of the industry then brought that knowledge back to New York. Then began to create his own network supply which has grown to today, so that is why our motto is: Best FISH here!! All day long!!! EVERYDAY!!!
Ria hails from the West Coast. Beginning with imports/exports and dealing with the point of origin from which these beautiful animals come from. She is the expert on our live stock selection because of her long experiences in this realm. Which some of us only dream about. Her priority is selecting the best quality specimens for the store. Quality control to the highest standards!!! If you don't believe us just look in our tanks!



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